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Today we are going to have a go at designing our own treasure maps. Thinking about the symbols you designed last week you are now going to put these onto a map. First, we can have another look at how some maps are designed. They use co-ordinates. Have a look at the ‘Pirate Co-Ordinates’ PowerPoint to discuss how to describe where each symbol is using the up and down axis. Then show examples by moving an object onto the grid/map and ask the children to name the co-ordinate. The can they put the right object into the right co-ordinate when asked? Now you are going to use the template provided and your symbols from last week to fill out your own pirate map! Have fun!

Hot & Spicy – Use the blank template map to plot your symbols.

Mega Hot – Use the co-ordinates template map to plot your symbols.

Are You Nuts – Use the co-ordinates template map to plot your symbols and try and write a key to match.


Extension – Pirate Word search.