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Today we are going to be looking at maps. Firstly, we are going to discuss some of the ‘Example Treasure Maps’ on the PowerPoint and talk about what they can see on the maps. Then we have two activities.


Outside Hunt: We are going to have some fun outside and think about pirates’ maps and treasure. Outside in your garden I hope that a parent or sibling will hide the treasures and you are going to have to find them. When you are looking for them I want you to think about the directional language we use in Maths, like next to, under, beside etc also start to think about left and right and then the points on a compass! See what treasure you can find! Then swap around so they can try and find the treasure you hide or just try them in different places!


Inside Symbols: We are going to be looking at the types of things that might be included on a treasure map and you are going to design and draw your own symbols. Have a look at some examples on the ‘Symbol Example’ PowerPoint. Then you are going to come up with your own using the blank symbol sheet.


Extension – Pirate Dot to Dot Puzzles.