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LO: To plan a short chapter

Today you will need to fill in a “box-up” to plan your own crazy chapter in “Here comes Hercules!” So many exciting things have already happened but I’m sure you can think of some more…Maybe they go to the park, a football match, to see mum at work, even to the shops? Use the box up outline to help you work out what happens, you could even end on a cliff hanger!

  • Bullet points in each box is enough, but make sure you’ve left enough detail to remember it for the rest of the week!
  • The chapter is only short, you should probably have a maximum of 9 boxes in your box up…


LO: Hundredths on a place value grid.


1. Open PowerPoint, complete feedback starter and starter questions.

2. Complete VF questions.

3. Complete RPS questions.

4. Self mark using marking sheets at the end of each document.




Tuesday 31st March 2020

LO: Recognise the main features of Greek architecture

Now we are finishing off our Greek topic, one area we didn’t get to complete in school is, Greek architecture. Using the links and/or YouTube clips below you can take brief notes (using bullet points) and create your own fact file, on paper, on the computer (word/powerpoint) or as a video presentation, about what you’ve found out. It’s your choice!

Here are some useful website and a couple of really great clips to watch. You are welcome to look up additional information online but only with permission of a grown up! You can take time on this project and work on it over the Easter break if you wish.


General Information about Greek buildings & Architecture

Metkids – Information about the different types of Greek Columns

Discovery Clip – Secrets of the Acropolis -

If you can not access the internet there is a PDF attached with all the information from the History for Kids web URL above.