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Day 2: Tuesday 24th March 2020


Hello you lovely lot, I missed you yesterday. I hope you all got on OK accessing the distance learning and had at least some fun completing it! I had lots of emails which was so great to see what you have been up to. My first day was busy uploading all the activities for you this morning and getting used to have to use all this technology!


Then I went on a lovely long walk with my sister who I won’t see for a little while now as she starts her new job as a Police Officer tomorrow. Then I had some scrabbled eggs on toast for lunch before sitting down for the afternoon to respond to all your emails. They were all amazing and although some of you found logging into twinkl for the Maths a bit temperamental, I think you all got there in the end! Feedback from me, it seemed to work much smoother my end if you wait and send though all the days work together in one email, rather than multiple. This will just help manage my inbox and help me keep track of who I have responded to and who I haven’t. I hope that is OK, thank you in advance.


Here is a picture of my sunny walk and then my favourite dinner (homemade pizza in our outdoor pizza oven) for Mr Brooke-Read, Mrs Brooke-Read and my sister Alison!











Good luck with day 2 and please send me any feedback over the next few weeks so we can make this work as smoothly as possible!


Lastly, always check on the main ‘Distance Learning’ page of the website to find activities and lessons for different subjects. There has been added activities in the Music and PE sections and there is a section on mental health and well-being. These are not compulsory but if you ever need some ‘extra time fillers’ they are a great place to start!


Mrs Brooke-Read xx