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LO: To create and introduce a character

In this lesson we’re developing our hero character! We will need to describe our character and place them in the setting using a variety of features. This paragraph will become the second paragraph of your story, coming after the setting description from yesterday.

Follow the steps to design your hero and then create your paragraph:

  1. Pick a magic or super power for your hero to possess- this can be imaginary, created, or you can use Mr. White’s grid to choose a random one. This doesn’t need to match the environment, it is just your heroes’ personal power.
  2. Design your character by filling in the format, with a drawing, and adding some little details. Remember, they are a Year 4 child at Magical Mythenden school, speaking in first person (‘I/my/me’). Make them however you would like, but not too complicated!
  3. After reading through the modelled “grid” example, and seeing how the information can be changed into a detailed paragraph, fill out the grid with your characters information then challenge yourself to use the S2S and write your own character introduction paragraph!

Please read back your work from yesterday to think about how your character would be acting in the environment, so that your sentence starters make sense (eg. if they were moving somewhere before, they still need to be moving there!). There should be a flow between paragraphs, with this one focussed solely on your new character and their power

We’re so excited to meet all of the Year 4 heroes!


LO: Triangles

1. Watch the video brought to you today by Mr Romano.

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice.

3. Self mark using answers at the end of the challenge sheet.


Any questions email you class teacher. 


Top tip

If you want to see if a triangle has different or the same length sides you can use a ruler to measure

Let's look at Triangles with Mr. Romano

Follow the PowerPoint and answer the questions, marking as you go- summarise your learning at the end to help you answer questions on your choice of sheet!


Session 5 - Tuesday 19th of May 2020

LO: Compare your typical day to that of a child from an Amazonian tribe

(Not to be completed until 2nd of June 2020)

Last week we looked carefully and located where the Amazon forest is located on a map. This week, we are going to look at some of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon.  Indigenous is a key word for today’s lesson. At the end of the lesson you will understand what that term means.

 - Please read through the PowerPoint about some Amazonian tribes. There is a short video clip in there also.

 - You are going to compare your typical day to that of a child from the Yanomami tribe.

 - Read through the pdf file written by Yarima from the Yanomami tribe describing her typical day, take notes and underline any interesting information.

- Then, you are going to compare your life to that of a child from the Yanomami tribe.

AYN – You are going to write a diary entry as a boy or girl from the Yanomami tribe.You an use the lined paper below if you wish.

Here are some headings to help you!

- What time to you get up?

- Where do you live?

- Who do you live with?

- What kind of food do you eat?

- What is school like?

- What kind of things do you do when you are not in school?

MH - Write down key details from a Yanomami tribe day and your day, using the template below!

H&S – Look at the details from a typical Yanomami day, in the template below, then write down what happens during a typical day in your life.

A day in the life of child from the Yanomami Tribe