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LO: To play the “Why?” game!

In this new unit we will be looking at Explanation texts! Mr White has, once again, organised this so the most year groups will have similar lessons to work through, adapted, as ever, by your teachers.

Follow the steps to achieve the S2S:

  1. Read the document, think about why Explanation texts might be important…
  2. Watch the video of Great Missenden teachers playing the “Why?” game, by answering some “Why?” questions in a silly way!
  3. Have a go at answering your own why questions in either a silly or serious way, or both! You need to answer 5 questions at least, more if you want an AYN?! challenge, and you need to record these, either by verbally answering them (in a video) or by writing them out. Please write out the question too so we know which “Why?” you are answering!

We had a lot of fun making these so are really looking forward to seeing how silly or how serious you can answer the questions! Enjoy!


LO: Symmetric Figure


1. Watch the video below brought to you by Mr Romano.

2. Complete a challenge worksheet of your choice

3. Self mark question using answer sheet


If you have any questions email you class teacher.


Top Tip

Have a piece of paper handy that you can fold.


LO: Research plants and trees found in the Amazon rainforest.

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

(Due 9th June 2020)

In our topic session before half term we looked at some animals and tribes of the Amazon rain forest.  This week you are going to become botanists! A botanist is a scientist who studies, plants and trees. The Amazon is home to over 80,000 species of lush rain forest plants, spread across eight countries in South America. 


 - First take a look at the pdf below and read through the information. We would like you to make a fact file about at least three of the plants or trees found in the Amazon rain forest. You can use the link below to research many more!


- Choose a template below to help structure your plant fact files. if you choose AYN you can create your own. You can do it on paper or on the computer! Remember to include a picture of your plant also, some hand drawn illustrations would be lovely, if you want to have a go.

Some information you can include:

-  What the tree or plant looks like?

-  How tall does it grow?

 - What part of the Amazon might you find it?

-  Why is the plant or tree useful?


- Here  is also an interesting clip of some botanists at work! Next week, we will look at plant adaptations, there is some interesting information in this clip, about how trees in the Amazon have adapted to their environment.