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LO: To plan and write an introductory paragraph

In this lesson we will be finalising some research and writing our opening question and paragraph!

  1. Finish research from yesterday, making sure your plan and notes are full of in-depth information.
  2. Read the examples then use the planning format to organise your (very structured) first paragraph, a question for the title, then the introduction.
  3. Now write up your planned paragraph, neatly, in full, attempting to achieve all of the S2S! Edit and check before writing up to the best of your ability- this will become your first paragraph.

I’m sure you’ll all make an amazing start on this piece of writing!


LO: Addition methods and adding two 4 digit numbers.


Today we are going to be practicing different methods for addition. Your challenge sheets for today are all addition and are adding 4 digit numbers. Look at the calculations carefully.


1. Watch addition recap video by Miss Read.

2. Work through the PowerPoint questions

3. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice

4. Mark the sheet using the answer at the end of the document


Any questions, email your class teacher. 

The four operations: Addition


LO: To explain how plants have adapted to survive in the rainforest

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Last week we investigated some of the plants and trees found in the amazon rainforest. This week we are going to think about ways these plants have adapted to their habitat.

Adaptations are special features that allow a plant or animal to live in a particular place or habitat.

Read through the PowerPoint and think about the adaptations mentioned for some plants and tree of the found in the rain forest.


  • Now it’s your turn, you can design your very own plant and choose the habitat you would like your plant to live in.
  • Think carefully about the features your plant will have. Remember you can be as creative as you like!
  • Label your diagram and explain why it’s useful for the plant you designed to have the features you’ve included!