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LO: To text-map the model text

In this lesson we are introducing our new model text! Our goal is to learn more about the general structure of a wishing text.

The first thing you should do is read through it all yourself and check you can understand the words (using the glossary to check any tricky words) then follow the actions alongside the icons in the video, before creating your own actions and/or icons for all other paragraphs.

Remember, keep your actions simple, any words already done can be copied! Your drawings should be simple and clear too and, just like the actions, don’t need to be done for every word.

We love this model text! Please send either a video, or your icons to your teacher when you are finished.


LO: Subtraction word problems.


1. Watch the video below brought to you by Miss Read.

2. Complete both challenge sheets.

3. Self mark using answers and the end of each document.


Top Tip

Read the question carefully, make sure you find all the key pieces of information to help solve the problem.


Any questions email your class teacher.


Tuesday 16th June

LO: Plan a news report about deforestation in the Amazon rain forest

Last week, we looked at the types of plants and trees that grow in the Amazon rainforest.

This week we are thinking about deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

Deforestation is the removal of a forest from land, which is then converted to a non-forest use for example for agriculture to raise cattle or grow crops. 

  • First watch the following clips from the BBC news & National Geographic Kids
  • BBC News Report
  • National Geographic Kids -
  • Watch the clips again, making careful notes as you go, thinking about facts that might be useful in your own report!
  • Now it’s your turn to be a reporter and create your own news report about deforestation in Brazil. You can do this verbally and record it, you don’t have to record it, if you would rather not.
  • Remember to plan out carefully what you are going to say and use your expression and intonation when you speak. It’s hard work being a news reporter…!