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LO: To design some magical lessons

Lessons at magical schools are a bit different, we are going to think about the things we could learn first and then what the lessons for those spells could be…

  1. Create a spell – look at the silly names, make three up and describe their effect.
  2. Assign a lesson – Each of your new silly spells needs a lesson to fit into, come up with your own or use one of the Hogwarts classes which already exist!
  3. Plan a paragraph- Write up your three lessons and spells into the box-up.
  4. Write a paragraph- Make a title then a little intro then describe your lessons by embellishing your planning.
  5. There are some big challenges in there so use the S2S to improve your work- maybe adding some extra, less detailed lessons (or a list of them) and some quotes in there!

I’m sure you’ll all have some incredible ideas- they’re going to be so beautifully described and well thought out!


LO: Square numbers maths investigation


Today we would like you to have another go at a maths investigation. Read the instructions carefully. We have included a help sheet at the bottom of the investigation with all the square numbers up to 12.


Top Tip

Work out which numbers add up to square numbers first and then work out how it can fit into a circle.


Tuesday 7th July 2020

LO: Draw a Rain forest Toucan

Our Rain forest topic is almost finished, today we thought it would be fun to have a cross curricular art and topic lesson!

All you need is:

  • A blank sheet of paper
  • A black felt tip and/or pencil

Have a look at the following link on YouTube and all you need to do is follow the steps, pause the video as you go.


I can not draw at all, but my toucan really turned out well. If you want to colour it in, it will look even more spectacular. If you have a black marker you can use it, but if not, just use a pencil.

Enjoy and have fun!