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Tuesday 19th

Morning all! 


Thank you for all the emails of your hardwork yesterday, we loved seeing the work you produced and the fun activities you got up to. Please send all your work in the same email where possible with an update of your day if you wish so that we are able to keep on top of who has sent work in and sending feedback to you. 


Please find your daily Maths and English tasks below. Don't forget you also have your weekly Topic lesson in the folder on the previous page that is due in Thursday 3pm. You also have the next chapter of Tom's Midnight Garden on the Year 5 youtube page. Enjoy and happy Tuesday everyone!


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and it comes at a time where it seems more important than ever. This year's theme is kindness and this is a response to the coronavirus outbreak, which is having a big impact on people's mental health.

Some people have mental health conditions like depression or anxiety, which means they have feelings that won't go away and which start to really affect day-to-day life.

We would like you to use Mental Health Awareness Week as an opportunity to do more wonderful acts of kindness that can be so important to our mental health and others around us.


The Benefits of Kindness

Being kind can significantly improve our physical and emotional wellbeing - whether we are giving or receiving it. There have even been scientific studies into the effects of kindness, showing that acts of kindness help your immune system, reduces stress, gives you energy and are good for your heart! The power of being kind goes even further, it has been proven to slow ageing, improve relationships and it's contagious!


Our act of kindness to you all is to let you all know how special you all are! 

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A very tired Mr Waite this morning after forgetting about the morning message... silly Mr Waite!!

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