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LO: To use syllables to write a haiku

Today we are looking at Haiku’s, follow along using the Word Document to help you. The goal today is to understand what syllables are, if you would like to use the ‘guinea pig’ brainstorm to work from, please do.

  1. Read the information to learn about what a haiku is, use the videos to help you practice your syllables, I like to clap or count mine out as a beat or rhythm.
  2. Fill in the grid, finding 5 examples for each number of syllables (if you find a word with more syllables, label how many it has!)
  3. Follow the steps to create your own haiku- choose a subject and brainstorm words, try to create 3 short lines using the rule provided, count syllables throughout. You don’t need to edit it down, you should try your best to have the 5/7/5 layout, but know that it is okay to change it as you go or have multiple poems about one object!
  4. Write up your finished or favourite haiku in your neatest handwriting.



LO: Order decimals

1. Complete powerpoint slides (optional- can watch video link below from White Rose Maths. This will be able to help you with the basic skills of the lesson.)  Click on Summer Term Week 1 and scroll down to lesson 4 video 

2. Complete one challenge sheet- either H&S, MH or AYN!

3. Self mark using answers on challenge sheet


If you have any questions please do email your class teacher.


Topic - Rainforests

Tuesday 21st April 2020

LO: What do we know about rainforests? 

(To be completed by 28th April 2020 if possible.)

Session 1:

We are about to start our new topic Rainforests:

Write down or describe aloud anything you know or think you know about rainforests. It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong! Get any ideas you have on paper or discuss them aloud.

  • Where do you think you might find them? What types of animals might live there?
  • What would you see or hear there? Who lives there?
  • Now watch the following clip on YouTube. You can watch it more than once.
  • Now what do you know about rainforests? What would you, hear, see, taste or smell if you were in one?


Next we would like you to watch the following YouTube clip

  • You need to have a pen and paper ready to take notes! Watch the clip first without taking notes then write your notes the second time around.  
  • Do you remember how we take notes?
  • Remember, notes are not complete sentences but can be bullet points and need to include key words, vocabulary or phrases!

Here are some headings to help you before you start:

  • Layers of the Rainforest
  • Animals of the Rainforest

Activity 1 - 

Match the rain forest vocabulary to the definition, pdf files are below.

Activity 2- We would normally keep all our work in our topic books. You can create a simple topic file, here are some templates from twinkle to help you. You can decorate it yourself and personalise it. Then, you can keep your notes and information in one safe place, to use and refer to each week. You could use a cereal box to make a cover, remember to keep it simple and be creative. Have fun.