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Tuesday 28th April

Good morning all,


I hope your start to the week was a successful one and you’re feeling enthused for the rest of it.


I’ll keep it brief today with a simple message. BE POSITIVE! Yesterday’s postcard task got me thinking. Lots of you transported me to previous holidays or even holidays I would love to go on (I’m sure Mr Kemp has already been there mind…). It gave me the opportunity to be thankful for holiday memories and the memories we still have to make. It’s important to remember this current situation is not forever and we should try to make the most of it.


With that in mind, I was in school yesterday and am going in today to begin the process of writing a new curriculum for next year. Having this time away from you lovely lot has given me the opportunity to read more into creative curriculums and explore what other schools are doing. This is something I simply would not have been able to do if I was teaching full time. My usual day when I’m teaching full time is: Arrive at school, get the lessons ready for the day, teach those lessons, mark those lessons, adapt the lessons for the next day, go home to see the family, have some dinner, battle keeping my eyes open on the sofa but eventually give in and go to bed at 9!


Tomorrow’s PSHE lesson focuses on turning negatives into positives. It’s about trying not to avoid difficult situations. Instead, tackle them head on and see what happens.


Thank you for your continued hard work (both children and parents). Let’s keep up the positivity 😊


Yesterday’s highlights included postcards from Ben, Freddie C and Freddy B in 6S, an impressive jaffa cake made by Bella in 6K and Macie in 6C has been baking, sewing, making and swinging from trees… just to name a few of her favourite ‘ing’ activities. Second mention should go to Ben, who made a new bird feeder with his dad. Love it! Feast your eyes on the hard work below:

Gentle reminder with regard to the work being set… please do it. That is all 😊


Missing you all!


Mr Sperring

Also, just a reminder..


Please see the exciting Corona Competition from Mrs Hardy.

This is optional but we would love to see lots of Year 6 children getting involved.


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Closing date: Thursday 30th April at 4pm