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Tuesday 31st March

Dear all (from Mr Sperring),


As we continue on our distance learning adventure together, I’d like to remind you that we are going to have some good days and we are going to have some bad days. There will be days when you love the work being set, the sun is shining and you can use your breaks in the garden. However, there will be days when you’re finding the work tricky, it’s raining outside and you’re feeling all the more isolated. Rest assured, however you’re feeling, someone else is also feeling that way. Just promise me you’ll talk to someone about how you’re feeling 😊


Remember: “We all have mental health in the same way we all have physical health. It is okay to have anxiety we just need to talk more.” Prince Harry


As well as talking… laughing and smiling is often a good way to get through tough times and that is exactly what Toby and his family were doing yesterday by making art from special pens. Check out what they’ve been up to by clicking on the link below:


Other special mentions for children looking after their mental health go to:

  • Libby, Amber, Hannah and Tegan in 6S who set up a zoom conversation last week to have a good catch up. I can’t recommend this enough. You could even organise a quiz for your friends. Last Tuesday, Mr Tang organised a quiz for teachers and it was such a success that it will happen weekly. Just ask Mr Kemp and Miss Cartwright who won 😉
  • Belle in 6K for her incredible chameleon drawing.
  • Iris (who’s got a new dog, Ozzie) for her calming zentangles.

On a different note, It’s been really nice reading stories from other classes. I hope you’ve enjoyed that experience too. I’ve even had children tell me which particular stories they’ve enjoyed reading. Arthur in 6C – yours has come up more than once so congratulations!


I hope you enjoy the rest of your weeks. Take care and look after one another.


Mr Sperring