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LO: To text-map the model text

In this lesson we are creating a new style of letter, varying the outline of our model text! Our goal is to use skills we have already learnt and apply them to letter writing, whilst including lots of informative information!


  1. Try to answer our challenge questions at the start- I’m sure you’ll get this right!
  2. Use the revised plan outline to ensure you include “the situation” and “the escape plan” in your letter. This plan can be filled using bullet points or short sentences, as you prefer. Use the guide questions to help include all of the information that you need to make it convincing!
  3. Write up your letter, ensuring you’ve left space between each paragraph and are achieving the S2S. Check back over to make sure you have completed every challenge and have your non-negotiables firmly in place before sending on to your teacher.
  4. Do some relaxing drawing to demonstrate how Dave would escape (with help!) if you would like.


We’re really excited to see what ideas you come up with to help poor Dave escape! Please make sure they make sense and have been well explained so that we can understand!


LO: Four operations


1. Complete questions on PowerPoint.

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice.

3. Self mark using answers at the end of the document sheet.

4. Can complete extension sheet (this is not mandatory).


Top Tip

Read the questions carefully. There will be a word in the problem that will tell you if you need to add, subtract, multiply or divide. Use the maths vocab document below if you need help to find the word.


Any questions email your class teacher.


LO: Identify the layers of the rain forest & what animals live in them

Tuesday 5th May 2020

(This does not have to be completed until Tue May 12th)

Today you are going to identify the different layers of the rain forest and understand that different types of plants and animals, grow and live in each layer.

  • Read through the PowerPoint, there is a video clip to look at the end.
  • Have a pen and paper ready, to take notes, when you watch the video clip. Remember you can watch it through first, and take notes the second time you watch.
  • Complete a worksheet below about the rain forest layers.

Part 2 - Animals of the Rain forest Layers

Clink on the following link below, there is information about the animals in each layer.

  • Choose one animal and research it in more detail and create a fact file.
  • Some sub headings you could use, appearance, habitat, diet, interesting facts
  • If you would like a challenge, choose an animal from each layer of the rain forest!
  • You can use a template below to help you create your animal fact file or if choose AYN,  you can create your own layout! You can use the computer if you wish.
  • There is a rain forest word mat to help you, with some useful vocabulary, if you need it.


Amazon Video from Cara

Still image for this video

Rain forest pictures from Cara, a family friend of theirs, recently moved to Brazil!!