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Day 17: Tuesday 12th May 2020


Hi again guys and gals,


Hope you had a great Monday and nobody was blown away… I went for a 8 mile walk yesterday morning and it was SO windy and a lot cooler than it has been. I got my march on though after a weekend of eating lots of cake I certainly felt better once I had done it. This is what my fitness watch recorded… I wonder if I walked near anyone’s house? I did go past school and felt very sad we are not all there together like we should be.




These are also just some of the cakes I made and eat over the weekend to celebrate VE day... any excuse! Saying that, I did not eat them all as I took a lot around to my neighbours and sent some over to the ‘Loopy Lays’ household (my parents) which they all really appropriated! I really enjoyed seeing all your pictures of tea parties, bunting, face paints and just of you all generally having a lovely time, so thank you for sharing.


Yesterday I also received the cutest little card in the post from my sister… she loves anything watermelon!! We speak nearly everyday anyway but she thought it would be nice for me to receive something in the post and it really was, it put a big smile on my face and almost bought a happy tear to my eye.


Finally, today is International Nurses' Day and what better time to celebrate! We obviously do our clap for the NHS and keyworkers on a Thursday night (you might be in bed??) but this is an annual day recognised around the world. Have a look in the PSHE section of today’s learning to find out more and if you want to you can complete the activity to go with it. I am sure you will agree saying a BIG thank you to all the NHS staff is more important than ever!


Have a tremendous Tuesday,

Mrs Brooke-Read x