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Tuesday 24th March 2020

LO: Write a set of instructions

Yesterday we looked at the features of instructions! Can you remember some of these features? Take a few minutes to think about this, you can say or list them.

Now it’s your turn to write your own set of instructions. Choose one of the activities we did last week during Schoolrow (see below). Don’t worry if you were not in last week, you can still write a set of instructions for brushing your teeth or for making toast! 

  • Nightline
  • Cross the river Team building
  • Javelin game

TOP TIP: Remember a good set of instructions assumes the reader knows nothing…


  • MILD -- “How to make Toast” - Write an instruction for each picture, use imperative verbs. What adverbs could be added?
  • H&S – Use the template provided to help structure and organise your work. Remember to write in the third person and use the imperative! You must use capital letters and full stops!
  • MH – Think about how your work will be organised! Will you include pictures to make the instructions more attractive and easier to understandEnsure you use the imperative, use adverbs and write in the third person. Remember to use capital letters and full stops!
  • AYN – Choose your own layout and write your own set of instructions as outlined above. Remember to include subheadings, write in complete sentences punctuated correctly. You must use imperative verbs, write in the third person, include adverbs and a top tip! Some pictures would really be wonderful to make your instructions brilliant!!


LO: Tenths on a number line.

Key hint for today’s lesson, numbers on a number line go up in ascending order. Look at the increments (the lines) on the number lines carefully. Take your time, read the question.

Challenge sheets:
D is H&S
E is MH
GD is AYN!

Do both A and B questions and start with VF and then move onto RPS.

Mark your answers using the marking sheet at the end of the document. If you are finding a challenge sheet too hard try a different challenge sheet. If there is a question you are finding difficult put a star next to it and send your teacher an email.


Tuesday 24th March 2020

LO: Design and make a Trojan Horse

This week the topic plan is to make your own Trojan Horse! You can follow the instructions below as a guide or you can get creative and make your very own design. The first port of call is the recycling bin, see what you can find in there!!

This assignment is not due until next Tuesday (31st March) so take your time. You can really push the boundaries and be as creative and resourceful as you wish. Use tape sparingly, we’ll have lots of other fun projects coming your way to keep you all busy. Other materials you could use include, scrap paper, cardboard, string, tape, bubble wrap, wool, the list is basically endless...

The first step in the process is to think about the materials you will use and then to sketch and label a diagram of your Trojan Horse. All good designers tweak and evaluate their designs, if they feel they're not working. Have fun!

We hope to create an online space where we can share our designs. We’re working on it…watch this space.

Recap of the Trojan Horse Story