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W/C September 14th 2020



This week, Year 4 have been very busy writing our recounts of Rain forest day. We have been thinking about the features of recounts, using the past tense, writing in the first person and writing in chronological order!

In Maths we have been working on rounding to 2,3- and 4-digit numbers to 10 and 100. Ask your child if they can tell you any of the rules and why we would need to round a number like 34 down, when rounding to the nearest 10? What is the reason for rounding a number like 78 up to 80?

In our WAC (We Are Curriculum) Geography unit, we have been thinking about where we can find rainforests in the world and using maps to help us identify countries.

In Science we have been also busy thinking about how we can classify animals.

Can your child remember what a vertebrate is? Can your child remember any groups used to classify animals?


Additional Information:


Your child should have their Times Table Rock Star logins, if not please ask one of the class teachers and we can send them to you.

Spelling Shed:

Children have also been given their spelling shed logins. Mrs Phipps has set a little task to have a go with in there. Please have a go and have a play around in Spelling Shed. We will be talking to the children more about this in the next couple of weeks.

P.E Kits:

We understand sending PE kits home after every use, to wash, is inconvenient. If you can remember to check which day your child has P.E, that would be wonderful. The children should hopefully remember them too! We do encourage them to take more responsibility for their organisation in Year 4!


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!


Year 4 Class Teachers


Science - Animal Classification Guess Who!