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W/C 15th November 2021

Friday 19th November 2021

Maths- To multiply and divide by 6

To work through the PowerPoint and then either complete the white rose worksheet or the Deeping Understanding. 

Thursday 18th November 2021

Maths- 3 times tables

To recap your knowledge of the 3 times table. Work through the PowerPoint and then either complete the White Rose challenge sheet or the Deeping Understanding challenge sheet.


English - To innovate paragraph 4

Continue with the innovation of the model text, working on paragraph 4, where the main character meets and fights the beast (action).  Remember that this paragraph has an increased pace due to long, breathless sentences (use those conjunctions and commas).  It also involved similes and great adjectives to help 'paint the picture' of what the beast looks like.

H&S help sheets - just innovate the words selected, filling in the gaps

MH help sheets - use the model text to help, changing as much as you can

AYN - Using the structure of the model text, write your own paragraph

Wednesday 17th November

English - To innovate paragraph 3

Children are to use their prior learning of the model text to mimic the structure and skills of paragraph 3.  They should consider what this paragraph was used for (to build suspense) and the skills involved (long, breathless sentences to increase pace).

Support is provided in the documents below

  • H&S - fill in the blanks
  • MH - use the model text and suggested words to innovate
  • AYN - Use the structure of the model text to innovate the entire paragraph


Maths - Multiply and divide by 3

Children are to read through the pdf of the lesson and carry out the task given on the last page.

Tuesday 16th November 2021

Maths- To divide by 1 and itself.

Work through the PowerPoint and then either complete the white rose maths sheet or the Deeping understanding worksheet.


English- To innovate paragraph 2.

Plan ideas to innovate the second paragraph. Use these ideas to change paragraph 2, so it links your work from yesterday to today's. Changes you could make, the age of the character, the problem that they face (going hungry) and the repetition at the end of the paragraph.

Monday 15th November 2021

Maths- To multiply by 1 and 0

Please read through the PowerPoint and then complete either white rose or the Deeping understanding worksheets.


English- To innovate (change) paragraph 1

Looking at the model text and only paragraph 1. What changes could you make to make it a completely new story. Suggestions could be characters, setting or the activity the storyteller is doing.

Plan your changes and then re write paragraph 1 to include them.