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Guided Reading

Wednesday April 1st 2020

LO: Spelling Revision

Reread the "Letter to Roald Dahl", can you remember the meaning and context of the vocabulary check from Monday? Today you are doing a little bit of revision on prefixes, can you remember what a prefix is? Where do you find them? Can you make a list of an prefixes before you begin?

I'll give you a clue, pre means before.


LO: To use inverted commas correctly

I am sure that by now you have all used speech marks often in your writing. There are some key things to remember: they should go around when the person is talking, there is still punctuation inside the speech marks and that you should go down a line when a new person speaks. Follow the PowerPoint for a reminder about your punctuation, a short quiz, and then have a go at your challenge:

Today you will be writing some speech to go inside the chapter that you planned yesterday, however, you can only use “said” once each! Maybe Tim has a conversation with mum? Or Hercules? Or a school friend? The possibilities are endless! You could plan out the conversation by acting it out with a grown up or sibling at home to help you get a feel for how natural conversations sound…


  • N-N:  Finger spaces, neatest handwriting (or serious font!) joined up writing, capital letters and full stops used correctly.
  • H&S:  Using inverted commas and other punctuation correctly in speech.
  • MH:   Creating your own conversation to put into your story, using a guide to help…
  • AYN?!: Fully writing out, with correct punctuation, a section of speech for your “Here Comes Hercules!” chapter.


LO: To divide 1 or 2 digits by 100


1. Open PowerPoint, complete feedback starter and starter questions.

2. VF challenge sheet.

3. RPS challenge sheet.

4. Self mark using answer sheet which can found at the end of each challenge sheet document.


Top Tip

When you are dividing you are making your number smaller. Write your number in its place value columns. When dividing by 100 you need to move your number two places to the right. Do not move the decimal point.


For example- I want to divide 67 by 100. 67 moves two places to the the right descending (getting smaller) down the place value grid. To show that there are zero ones put a zero in front of the decimal point


Tens    Ones    Tenths   Hundredths

   6           7


Move 67 two places down the place value grid.


Tens    Ones    Tenths   Hundredths

                0      .        6               7


67 divided by 100 = 0.67