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Day 18: Wednesday 20th May 2020


Happy Hump Day guys!


Its going to be a hot one today so make sure you take some time to get in the garden and enjoy it – make sure you wear your hats and sun cream though – remember your topic work!!


So, the cakes turned out okay, not my best but we are ready to walk over and say Happy Birthday soon I think she will be pleased with them, Mr BR got a sneaky taste test and said they were good! Better than they look anyway! I can not get this piping right; the icing always seems too runny!




Yesterday Mr BR went out for a few hours for the first time during the day for his work. He is an Architect and working from home has not been a problem for him luckily. Now they have had the all clear and construction sites are back open again, he may have to pop out to see the houses he is designing and meet potential clients on a one-to-one basis outside. He was a little nervous as we know we have to be extra careful because of me and Baby BR, but actually it is no different to meeting one person outside your household for a 2metre walk! So off he went, which meant for me I could crank up the radio and have a good old sing song… hard to do when he is here on his many conference calls and trying to concentrate! Hehee!!


As you might have heard, this week is Mental Health Awareness Week and it comes at a time where it seems more important than ever. This year's theme is kindness and this is a response to the coronavirus outbreak, which is having a big impact on people's mental health.


 As an extra challenge today, I would love you to use Mental Health Awareness Week as an opportunity to do some wonderful acts of kindness that can be so important to our own mental health and others around us. I started mine yesterday, I found some stamps in my purse which made me think about how nice it is to receive a letter. So, I spent some time in the garden writing a little note to my Nanny who lives on her own in Norfolk, my friend who has just had a baby and my sister who has just finished a set of night shifts -all people who I think will appreciate a little surprise pick me up in the post! Then I walked to the post-box and as the weather is so lovely I picked up an ice cream (and act of kindness to myself – which is important too) to cool me down for the way home!  Let me know what acts of kindness you show this week!

There are also lots of activities on our ‘well-being’ page on the distance learning website.


Have a fabulous day everyone, Missing you all.


Mrs Brooke-Read x