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Good morning all,


Today could be my last blog! As a year 6 we are going into school to 'roadmap' what the last 7 weeks will look like in school but we are very aware not everyone will be there. So there may be an occasional picture or post on here to keep everyone in the loop 😊


I’m going to talk about two things this morning. The first is being thankful and the second is looking forwards. I have absolutely no idea where I got this from (because it’s actually in October) but I thought today was ‘thank a teacher’ day. It’s not… However, I am going to use this blog to thank two incredible teachers who have planned and organised 2 months of the best distance learning.


I was genuinely excited a year ago, In July, when I found out I was going to be in year 6 with the infamous Cartwright and Kemp combo. They have got a serious reputation at school for being two of the best teachers around. They have certainly lived up to all expectation. Year 6 has never been so organised thanks to Miss Cartwright and Maths has never been harder thanks to Mr Kemp!


They are not just brilliant teachers but really good friends. During this period of lockdown, everyone has had their ups and downs and it has not been easy. Well, working with these two has certainly made it easier. They are supportive, resourceful and (usually) optimistic about everything! When I have a down day, I can rely on Mr Kemp to send something through on the WhatsApp group to cheer me up and when I’m feeling completely overwhelmed by a million tasks, Miss Cartwright is the first to volunteer to take one of my hand (even though she has a million and one things to do too!). Team... it has been a pleasure and privilege as always 😊

Right, next up is ‘looking forwards.’ We received a rather exciting email yesterday containing your transition forms for your secondary schools! On these forms we have to write strengths and areas for development amongst other things. One of the most important sections is who you want to be in a class with next year. Here is where you come in:


Over the next couple of days, can you please e-mail your teacher with a list of up to 4 names of the children you would like to be in a class with next year. They obviously must be going to the same school but they do not need to be in your class.


Unfortunately, once the information leaves our e-mail accounts, we have very little to do with it. All we can do is recommend who you are in a class with. Can I please remind you that if we don’t agree with your choices, we can choose not to recommend you in a class with your choices. It may be time for a fresh start if you think (and honestly think) your friendship with someone has impacted your efforts in class perhaps. Choose wisely!

Thank you 😊


I have been inundated with work to share for the website today. We’re sharing illusions in Science and Art, some acts of kindness to wildlife and our NHS and we’ve even got someone who has taken the English task to the next level by painting an actual door!


Our shoutouts go to:

Ella, Freddy B, Libby, Zak, Tegan S, Iris, Evelyn, Eva, Amelia and Charlotte for their Art work

Josh and Ty for their Science illusion experiments

Jenny for looking after her caterpillars, watching them grow into butterflies

Jack H for his lovely letter to NHS nurses

Dante for his door painting

Our last shoutout goes to an absolute Hero! Mrs Walder – Davis has offered her sewing services to the staff at Great Missenden and is making personalised PPE face masks for returning teachers and LSAs. THANK YOU!


If this is the last time I write a blog on here, I would like to thank the children for your continued efforts and mature attitude during this uncertain time and I would like to thank the parents, who are balancing their own jobs with the children’s schoolwork. THANK YOU!


Enjoy the rest of you weeks :) Stay alert…


Mr Sperring