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Day 8: Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning guys!


Yesterday was another nice sunny day so I managed to get out on a walk. It’s really hard not seeing my family at the moment so, I met my Mum half way round and we walked on opposite sides of the road chatting in our loud voices! It was lovely to see her briefly and catch up with what’s been going on (not that much really!) But she was happy to hear about my hospital appointment and find out how I am feeling and seeing if I have a little bump yet… not really yet but it won’t be long I’m sure!


I quickly want to wish Jai a very happy birthday for yesterday, it sounds like you had a really lovely day despite the social isolation situation and even got all your work done! We virtually sang 'Happy Birthday' and did the birthday hat for you!! Enjoy being 6!


As we continue on our distance learning adventure together, I’d like to remind you that we are going to have some good days and we are going to have some bad days. There will be days when you love the work being set, the sun is shining and you can use your breaks in the garden. However, there will be days when you’re finding the work tricky, it’s raining outside and you’re feeling all the more isolated. Rest assured, however you’re feeling, someone else is also feeling that way and hopefully it will get easier when we get into a routine! Just to keep you motivated I have a special video for you guys to watch… Thames Valley Police have sent YOU a mesaage... Click on this link:


The police are very proud of how Great Missenden children are tackling their distance learning and more importantly they are really impressed with how you guys ‘staying at home’ is really helping to save lives and our amazing NHS. Well done Year One – I am so proud of each and every one of you, keep it up!


Lastly, after some feedback/suggestions from a few of you, on a Wednesday I will upload the weekly spellings. This is totally up to you if you feel you want to continue with them or not. They are there if you do!


Have a lovely day, 

Mrs BR x