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Wednesday 1st April

Good morning all and happy April Fools day!


Half way though our second week of distance learning and a massive thank you to everyone who is still sending in work every day, asking for help when they need it and keeping in contact with us! I’ve found this week trickier than last and I think it’s because I haven’t got the structure and routine I normally have at school, I’ve realised how important this is for me. So, I have been trying to incorporate some things into my day to ensure I’m keeping a healthy mind; I’m spending time talking to my friends over the phone (rather than just messaging them), I’m making sure I do some form of exercise every day and I’m trying to watch less TV in the evenings, as I am spending more time on my laptop throughout the day, and reading more. Let us know what you’re doing to stay positive and keep a healthy mind!

To support the feedback that we are giving you all, we have also started up Deputy/ Head Teacher’s awards again! If you send us in something impressive we will send it over to Mr Tang and Mr Magee and they will send us some feedback and praise back to send to you, plus a certificate. Keep your great work coming in. Well done to Freddy B, Ty, Belle, Safi and Mylo for receiving these awards yesterday for a variety of things!

Well done to Freddie H (6S), Nellie (6S), Zak (6K), Josh (6C), Charlie M (6C) and Alex (6C) for having a go at the additional maths question yesterday, great perseverance. It took the year 6 teachers and LSAs a little while to complete it but we (well most of us!) got there in the end. Look carefully at the pictures on the bottom line and send your ideas to your class teacher.

Also, shout out to the following people:

Arthur and Violet (6C) both of whom have been caring and thoughtful towards neighbours. Last week Arthur washed his neighbour’s car and this week Violet and her mum made cakes and left them on their neighbour’s doorsteps! How kind and courteous.

Libby (6S) who has also been thoughtful and thanked all of the NHS for their hard work by drawing a rainbow on the side of her house.

Ty (6S) and his brother Jenson for keeping fit and healthy and playing rugby in their evenings!

Josh (6C) for sending in these great photos of him meeting some life size animals! Looks like a lot of fun. If you fancy getting involved then there are instructions for this at the bottom of the blog. Thank you Mrs Smith!


Enjoy getting creative today and we look forward to more updates throughout the day.


Miss Cartwright

Ty and Jenson playing rugby

Still image for this video

Meet a life-size animal close up!!


On your Android or iOS phone:

• In Google type your choice of animal (list below)

• Tap on 'View in 3D'

• Tap on 'View in your space'

• In camera view point your phone downwards to find the ground.

• See your chosen animal in your space!!


You can take a photo of the animal with the kids and they can even walk around with it!


The animals you can use are:








Emperor penguin


Angler fish





Brown bear



Shetland pony







Golden Retriever