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LO: To identify differences between types of text

Today you will be learning a bit more about explanation texts and how they differ from other types of non-fiction text…

Following the document, read the information given. Next, read the provided examples of texts. Then, answer the questions provided, to the best of your ability.

Remember what you know about information texts (and non-chronological reports) already to help you make decisions and then explain why you think the way you do by filling in the grid (making your own little explanation texts!) and giving examples.

Look back over the descriptions if you’re stuck and email your teacher if you would like more examples!


LO: To revise Roman Numerals

1.Follow PowerPoint and watch video.

2.Choose a challenge and answer the questions (use sheet to support, if needed).

3.Mark answers using sheet.

4.If you'd like some more practice, or just some fun, there is a Roman Numeral clock face and Roman Numeral mosaics attached too! We'd love to see these, if you have a go...

Message your teacher if you have any questions. 

Re-capping Roman Numerals with Miss Read!

Guided Reading

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

LO: Identify Speech Marks.

Before half term, I posted the Chapter 5 Fire of The Explorer on the website. If you haven’t read it, we would like you to read it today and also Chapter 6 – The Raft, both chapters are below. Remember you can always take turns reading with an adult or have an adult read to you. You do not need to read both chapters today but try and get them both read by next Monday, if you can.

Today I want you to hunt out for speech makes while you are reading today!

Here is a video to go over how we punctuate sentences using speech marks-

  • When there is a new speaker, we also need a new line!
  • Look carefully at chapter 6, as you read, underline or highlight the speech you can find.
  • You can write in the margin who is speaking, when.

Remember to note down any new vocabulary you don't know the meaning of!