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LO: To finalise planning and write your Explanation text

Today you will be planning and writing some of the remaining paragraphs for your explanation text, and preparing for the rest of the week…

Following the document, look over the box-up. If you haven’t finished your research, do this now, if you have, you should complete yesterday’s challenge (the introduction paragraph) before moving onto this tomorrow!

Then, convert your wonderful planning into well thought out, connected paragraphs, ensuring that they meet the S2S. These written up paragraphs should only be a first draft, but if you want to ensure they are detailed and meet the S2S as you go, this will mean less work for you for the rest of the week!

As we are working on this for the rest of the week, please do not feel the need to push yourself to complete all of the paragraphs today, remember, most of you have already completed paragraph 1, so make sure you have a lots of research and good organisation for the other paragraphs. Focus on finishing paragraphs 2 & 3 today, minimum.

We are really excited to see how your plan comes together as a text, good luck, and please message if you need help!


LO: Addition word problems


We start today with part 1 of looking at word problems. Over the next few weeks we will look at word problems for subtraction, multiplication and division.


1. Watch the video by Miss Read.

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice.

3. Self mark using answers at the end of the document.


Any questions email your class teacher.

The four operations: Subtraction with zeroes - QUICK!

Hopefully this video will help those of you struggling with carrying over, in subtraction. Ask your teachers if you're still confused!
My apologies for the mistake on the previous video also- let us know if you spotted it- the answer is in the description!

Guided Reading Monday:

For the sense of SMELL on Monday it should have been FEEL, apologies and well done to those of you that worked out the mistake. I have included some examples from the text you could have used.

Mrs H x


Guided Reading

LO: Explore Sentence Starters

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Today, we would love you to look at the sentence starters used in Chapter 7. For this task, do not include sentences starting with direct speech.

Create a simple tally chart and count how many sentences begin with the words below. Not every sentence starter has been included in the list.

  • The
  • They
  • Fred
  • Lila
  • It
  • He
  • Con
  • Her

Which words from the list above were most commonly used?

Identify five sentences. Can you change the start of them?

Here is an example:

Lila was waiting outside the den.

This sentence could become:

Still as a statue, Lila was waiting outside the den.