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LO: To finalise planning and start writing your Wishing Story

Today you will be planning and writing some of the remaining paragraphs for your story, and preparing to finish for the rest of the week…

Following the document, look over the box-up. There needs to be an escalation with your wishes: small, too big, then fix it. All of these are things you’ve already thought about and planned over the last two weeks, pull it all together in one plan, if that’s easier.

Then, convert your wonderful planning into paragraphs, ensuring that they meet the S2S. These written up paragraphs should only be a first draft, but if you want to ensure they are detailed and meet the S2S as you go, this will mean less work for you for the rest of the week!

As we are working on this for the rest of the week, please do not feel the need to push yourself to complete all of the paragraphs today. You have all already completed paragraph 1 and 2, so make sure you have good organisation for the other paragraphs. Focus on finishing paragraphs 3 & 4 today, minimum.

Make sure you’re focusing on using speech and inverted comma’s correctly.


We are really excited to see how your plan comes together as a text, good luck, and please message if you need help!


LO: Calculating the perimeter of rectangles.


1. Watch the video below brought to you by Miss Read.

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice.

3. Self mark your work using answers at the end of the document.


Guided Reading

Tuesday 24th June 2020

LO: To summarise a chapter

Having read over Monday’s chapter, we would like you to write a short summary of it using complete sentences and lovely neat handwriting! Try to be brief but include the key parts…