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As you know, Wednesdays will no longer have our usual lessons of Maths and English. They will instead have Science, French and Music lessons for you to work through at your own pace!


Teachers will not be present to answer your emails, but as you will be working on core subjects, the work still needs to be sent to the relevant teachers for feedback, so they can see what you have and haven't done.


I hope you enjoy these less-structured days and find time for your hobbies and personal projects.


Wednesday 1st July 2020

LO: to explore different habitats and discover the animals that live there.

Science Lesson Overview


Mrs Hulbert has put some amazing resources together for you to explore!  Please take a peek today, maybe you could use your growth mindset to learn a Makaton song?


Project Task

Today for your project comes from Ben in 4R. He would like you to find out how items in your house work.


Your task for today is to find three different items in your house,  research how they work, were made or even came to be invented!

Examples could be a radio, car, television, a light bulb, table or a window.


For example I am going to pick my computer.

My computer runs on electricity which comes from the plug. My computer has a screen with a built in hard drive. It also has also a CD drive where I can play DVDs and play games.  There are plenty of different objects at home that you can write about.



If you are looking at an electrical item, be careful to ensure it is unplugged and switched off. Please ask an adult for permission and/or help!