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Last Wednesday of learning this year!

There's Science, French and Music to do, which the wonderful Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Hemsworth and Mrs. Hulbert have provided extra, Summer activities for, but there are also some other things we would like to remind you of...


If you opted into the Mental Health survey, you will have been sent a link to follow, by the office, last week. These are due to be completed and data collected by the end of today. Please finish these, if you have time!


For those in on Thursday and Friday, we have some fun things planned:

ThursdaySports Day! We each have activities within our bubbles to see which bubble is best! Maybe wear some exercise worthy clothes...

Friday- Picnic! This is at the start of lunch...Bring whichever snacks you'd like!


Thank you all for such an amazing (crazy) year! ❤️ Year 4 Teachers.




Wednesday 15th July 2020 


 LO: to recognise that environments can change and this can pose dangers to living things.

Year 4 French - Summer Term Week 12

Week commencing 13th July 2020

Activity Booklet


Who would have thought that your first term of learning French would have been out of the classroom?


Firstly, to every single one of you who have managed to complete some/ all the tasks I set each week, a huge well done. If you have not managed to fit in any French, for whatever reason, I do not want you to worry. In September, when we are all back at school (hopefully), I will be going over all the basics. For those who have been busy learning French this term, you will be offered extension tasks, so you do not get bored and still move forward with your learning.


I hope that you have enjoyed doing French remotely. If you would like to go back and do any of the exercises in the holidays, that would be great. The most important thing though is to stay safe, be kind and enjoy the summer holidays. Have a good rest and be ready for some fun French when you start Year 5 in September. 


Best wishes

Madame Hemsworth 

Musical Activities




I would love you to have a go at some composition today if you are up for the challenge.  I have created a few lessons on composing using computers/ipads. 


If using a computer you can use different apps dependant upon what you have at home.  There are tutorials for each below.


iPad - Garageband  (Free on Apple products)

Windows PC/Android - Incredibox or jamstudio (free to use demo versions online without signing up or registering any details, and adequate for our needs)


Alternatively if you don't want to use the computer you might like to write your own song or a short piece of music for your own instrument.  


The best advice I have for creating a composition is to keep it simple.  Create a short tune  that you like the sound of and then repeat it but just change it a little bit each time.  


Alternatively you could perform a rap.


Please do send any work to Mrs Hulbert at