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Wednesday 22nd April

Hi Everyone, Mr Kemp here.


How are you all doing? I hope you are all well and had a lovely Easter break. Although it is good to be back in the swing of distance learning and to be hearing from you all regularly again, it has been so lovely to hear more about what you have been doing when you aren't completing school work. Many of you have been so creative and imaginative during these most unusual times where we can't always do the things we would normally be doing. Today I would like to share some of the fabulous ideas and photos that some of you have shared with us. Have a look below and see if there is anything you might fancy doing in a spare moment:


  • Make a dining experience for all of the family (Finan, Iris, Eva and Freddie C)




  • Go camping in the garden (Charlotte and Amelia)




  • Explore with Lego Technics or make an exploding volcano (Dante)




  • Do some doodling (Luke)




  • Create a virtual (or real) obstacle course (Ryan)




  • Help a sibling out with some homework (Evelyn)




  • Train, groom, clean out, walk or  feed your pets (Oliver and Iris)




  • Practice spellings through playing scrabble or similar word games (Finan)




  • Continue to exercise with Joe Wicks regularly (Isla)




  • Go wild on the trampoline (Libby)




  • Go for a different walk to new places (Freddie C) 




  • Practice various sewing techniques (Evelyn)




  • Go geocaching (Charlie M)




  • Save a bird (Charlie G)



THESE ARE ALL FANTASTIC and as this is such a great opportunity for us all to spend extra time (that we wouldn't normally have) enjoying ourselves, think carefully about how you are spending your time and whether you could try something new and different.

My wife and  I have been following a Bob Ross tutorial and learning a few painting techniques using acrylic paints on a spare piece of MDF wood. She has never really painted before and she was a little nervous but we are really proud of the outcome so far (the mountains definitely need a little work):




Along with today’s learning tasks, we would like you to spend 10 minutes reading the PDF version of a book given to us by Mr Sperring’s wife. It is about coronavirus and is what the NHS use to explain what coronavirus is and how we can stop the spread. It is definitely worth a read. If I am honest, I thought I knew a lot when it came to COVID-19, but I have learned something new! *See it below.*


Have a good day everyone and stay safe.


Mr Kemp and the rest of the year 6 team


*Please note that myself and Miss Cartwright are in school this morning so 6C and 6K please don't expect replies to emails until mid afternoon*