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LO: To create a shape poem

Follow the document to choose an idea and then plot out your very own shape poem!


If you’re finding the outline of the poem tricky, write your own poem (using your poetry skills-rhyme, alliteration, simile, metaphor, lists) within one of the guides, or, write it in your own shape, instead of following the guided outline.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, try and create an outline poem, by planning out your poem first, checking that it fits, and then writing it around the outline of a shape. You’ll need to plan very carefully to do this and it might take a few practices to get it right, just be patient!


Feel free to make as many poems as you like in as many styles as you like!

If you wanted to gently shade over or colour in your shape afterwards, we would love to see what beautiful shapes you create…


Guided Reading:

Session 2:

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

LO: To summarise a short story in your own words

Please read the pdf about Chayo below. It is pretty straight forward to read, and there are lots of interesting details about her life. In school, we were starting to summarise paragraphs in guided reading. When you have completed reading the story, we would like you to summarise the short book in your own words.  Remember a summary should contain the main details, and does not have to be very long at all!


Think about in what ways Chayo’s life, is different to yours? You can explain aloud or write down your thoughts.

When you have completed the task take out an atlas or have a look on Google Earth and see if you can locate Columbia and roughly where Chayo might live.


LO: Round decimals

1. Complete powerpoint questions (if you would like to click on the link and view the White Rose video) click on week 2, lesson 1. 

2. Finish a challenge sheet, either H&S, MH or AYN!

3. Self mark using answers at the bottom of the worksheet document.


If you have any questions about the work, ask your class teacher.