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Wednesday 25th March

Mr Kemp and Miss Cartwright will be in school from 12pm until 5:30pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (week 1) so email replies and feedback won't be given throughout this time period. We will catch up when we can.



Good Morning all (from Mr Kemp),


Wow, three days into distance learning but only one day into full lock down mode.


Staying inside all the time can sometimes feel like watching paint dry - but for me it actually was - here is my bathroom currently:


     How boring!


I bet you are thinking - why doesn't he put his feet up and watch some TV or play some Playstation? Well I can't because our TV went bang on us yesterday - poor thing.



It may feel like quite a scary or daunting situation but what you are all doing by staying at home is something truly magnificent towards our global effort to stop this terrible virus - you should all be so proud of yourselves. I genuinely see us all as mini soldiers doing our bit in the war against Corona.

WE ARE HEROES, well done!


     You should also all be so proud of yourselves for the amount of high      quality work you have been doing, whilst your parents are balancing       their own work lives alongside looking after you. Keep up this outstanding team effort. It makes checking your work worthwhile and fun for us.




(This will help us to keep track of the work that has come in.)


Some more shout outs today:

Ben in 6S found some lovely blossoms on his 1 daily walk yesterday - he also spotted some deer footprints:




Charlie M in 6C wrote this awesome story opening:

Mylo in 6K added this to the mix:


Midget, worthless, scum… just a few of the names I’ve been scarred with throughout my short, unfulfilling life. In fact my name is Jennifer. It might be that some of these aspects might be accurate the fact is, I’m miserable. I’m miserable of constantly being frowned on, I’m miserable of constantly being picked on … In fact I’m miserable of being miserable of being miserable. I am like a circus animal, I’m trapped and yearn to escape this oppressive routine. So the day I met Salazar I knew my life would never be the same again. 


He caught my attention when he dropped a wallet bursting with bank notes. I sprinted after him shouting and waving the money above my head. As he turned around I as able to study him. He wore an extravagant tuxedo, his stylish skull-topped cane glinted in the bright sunlight and his moustache swayed gently in the wind. “ Thank you for that” he said. He gave me a sly smile. “Here get yourself a little something” as he tossed a note towards me.  

“Thank you” I replied cautiously. As we looked at each other a bond of trust fell between us.  “Bring me, I mean us, Excalibur and the world is mine, I mean ours. What is wrong with me today?” asked Salazar. I smiled, my orders were clear. 


And Jasper in 6C contributed this gem:

Superb Everyone!

Stay Safe,


Mr Kemp