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Good morning Year 6!


I hope you all managed to have a good day yesterday, despite the gloomy weather. The massive change in weather made me realise just how lucky we have been since the start of lock down. It felt like Summer, despite only being April! I know it is less appealing to get outside when the weather is like this but yesterday I realised the importance of getting fresh air, otherwise you can feel very cooped up. Today I’ve promised myself that I will put my wellies and rain coat on and get out on a dog walk.


As a year 6 team, we are regularly in contact throughout the days discussing what has worked and what hasn’t worked. We are constantly sharing ideas about how we can change aspects of distance learning for the better. I think we also just miss being at school with you lot and with our team who we are very lucky to call our friends, much like many of you miss being with your friends and your class so it’s great to keep chatting throughout the day.


If you are reading this you have already realised one of the smaller changes we have implemented! We decided that the blog list was getting too long (showing just how many days we have been doing distance learning!) so we thought it was easier for you all if blogs were uploaded onto the specific day. That way you only have to look in one place.


We also regularly share good examples of work with each other and it’s great to hear all of the different children putting so much effort into their distance learning. We had lots of good feedback about the art, we’re glad that so many of you enjoyed it! It looked like a nice therapeutic activity and we have shared some of the examples below.


Well done to all of those children who persevered with the story mapping in English and used the advice on the Power point. I know it was a more challenging text as some vocabulary wasn’t easily transferable to a picture but it’s a good activity to support the memorising of the structure of an informal letter and also make you aware of some vocabulary you might not have come across before. It encouraged you to use your imagination for parts of it. I have attached Alice's work below as I was particularly proud of it.



Miss Sharratt found a story that a teacher created for his class and we thought we’d share it with you all. It’s called ‘How Not to go to School’. Start off the day with a bit of reading 😊


Have a great day and a nice quote for the day

‘On the other side of clouds is a bright blue sky’


Miss Cartwright