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Day 18: Wednesday 29th April 2020


Another ‘Hump Day’ has come around again, the days are going fast!


Yesterday was a bit wet wasn’t it!? That was the first day since lock down began that I have not left the house for my daily exercise. My legs were grateful and I did take it as a good opportunity to rest and chill and stayed in my pyjamas all day and drank a lot of tea (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!) I made some very yummy focaccia bread for lunch which I had with some warming soup.




I got lots of work done as there was nothing much else to do, but there is something quite nice about being cosy inside and watching the rain crash down at the window. But obviously, we don’t want this every day! I very much enjoyed watching lots of videos of you all today either presenting your topic work or acting out the story in English, what a creative lot you are!


I finished the day by making a delicious dinner with my foraged wild garlic from the weekend. I blitzed it up to make a pesto and then stirred it through linguine and added some peas and served with a salad…. So simple and so tasty! I will be heading back to the woods soon once its stopped raining and collect some more, I fancy a risotto next! I did dig some up and collected the roots and have planted it in the garden to see if it survives and grows up again next year!




I just wanted to mention Milo and his brother as over the weekend they took part in a fantastic fund-raising activity for the NHS where they did a marathon challenge with their CrossFit box, in honour of the London marathon which would have been on Sunday. Together they did a combined total of 2800 reps (target was 2604 as marathon is 26.04 miles) of various exercises: skipping, squats, lunges. Amazing Milo, what a personal achievement as well as raising money for such a good cause.


Lastly, attached below is a lovely book written by a teacher about 'not going to school'. It is one you might need someone to read to you, but it looks great! Take a look if you wish! 


Have a great day everyone, keep smiling!

Mrs Brooke-Read x