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LO: To read as a writer

Follow the document to examine the breakdown of the text, when reading as a writer we are looking for features of the text that help us break it down and clarify the structure. Use your knowledge from your icons and actions to help you as you check over the piece of writing.

There are 3 challenges for you to choose from once you’re certain of the paragraph breakdown, if you choose H&S you must also try one other challenge (though this can just be planning and not completing one of the other challenges)!

You can use the address already provided for the letter, or make up your own, remember, it’s a return address, so it depends on who you’re pretending to be!

Use the outline to guide you, each of your paragraphs should be arranged as the model is.


Have fun! 


LO: Dividing 1 digit by 10


Today we are going to be recapping a lesson from last term.


1. Follow the link below and click on the Week 1 tab (make sure it is not summer term week 1 tab). 

2. Find lesson 5- dividing 1 digit by 10

3. Watch video

4. Complete worksheet

5. Self Mark worksheet using the answer sheet


Everything you need is on the web page. Any questions, contact your class teacher.

Guided Reading:

Wednesday 29th April 2020:

LO: Vocabulary check part 2 – Chapter 1 - The Explorer:

Take a look at the questions below, based up to the end of page 11 of Chapter 1. You can write the answers or discuss them orally.

  1. On page 6 (first page) can you find an example of personification?
  2. On page 7, find a word that means “unsteady on one’s feet”.
  3. On page 8, what does the word “banish” mean? What other synonym (word that means the same) could be used?
  4. Find a word on page 8 that means “severe”.
  5. Find a word on page 9 that means “used to”.
  6. On the first page, 6, what does it mean that “his blood vibrated through his hands and feet”.
  7. On page 11, why does Fred think Con and her brother look like a two headed creature?

Finish reading to the end of the chapter 1, note down any additional vocabulary you don’t know the meaning of, as you did on Monday. Remember you can try and make a sensible guess by reading carefully!

Additional Extra:

Based on the description in chapter, 1 can you draw a picture of the setting?