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Morning all,


With it being a bank holiday on Friday for VE day, you are now all past the halfway point for the working week. Let’s be positive!


I’m sure over the last few weeks, you’ve all created and adapted routines in your day. You’ll be balancing work with exercise and balancing relaxing with when you should be eating. It’s all a huge juggling act. You can complete your work whenever you want and send it over whenever you want. But… I’d like to say a huge thank you from all three of us for those who are sending across all of their work by lunchtime. It means they can enjoy the rest of their day and it means we can start the enormous marking session we are faced with each day. Special mention to Southerly and Libby in 6S – who are regular work finishers by 11.30am each day 😊


I’ve had a number of parents and children asking whether what they’re doing is enough and whether the work they’re producing is okay. I speak to teachers from different schools and regularly read into distance learning taught at other schools and I can say that what we’re doing and what you’re doing is brilliant. We are still unsure of when we’ll be back (hopefully Boris will enlighten us a little on Sunday) but doing these Maths, English and foundation tasks to the best of your ability is putting you in good stead for the end of the Summer term and September when you start secondary school.


A famous actor (Clint Eastwood) said “what you put into life is what you get out of it.” This couldn’t be more true at this time. Children – you are developing the independence needed to thrive at secondary school. Keep working hard, keep being amazing!


We’ve received lots of pictures from children who are preparing for VE celebrations on Friday. Whether it’s bunting or baking, we’d love to see pictures. Shout outs from yesterday go to:

Amelia and Charlotte in 6S and 6K for their VE bunting, A mystery person (who cannot be named for fear of ruining a surprise) is making a birthday present for a friend, Luke in 6K practised his sketching by drawing a torso:

In preparation of VE day, Isla in 6K interviewed her neighbour about VE day. Here’s what she found out:


My elderly neighbour remembers VE Day- he was age five. He was telling us all about it yesterday (we kept a 2m distance!). He said that when the war ended, King George sent a certificate to every child in the country. He kept it safe and he’s given us a photocopy of it, see below. He also told us that rationing lasted until he was 14 years old. 

I heard a great story yesterday about a mum having to battle with a child to complete their English work. When this child had finished, their work was of a really high standard and I'm sure the child was proud of it. There’s an important lesson here. Children – your parents are trying to help and they WILL improve your work. Be nice and stay positive!


Miss you all,


Mr Sperring