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LO: To plan a letter

Today you will be starting the planning for a letter writing task that should last the rest of the week…

This letter can be to absolutely anyone you like, following our go-to letter format, used on our model texts and throughout the last 2 weeks! We should know exactly how to fill those boxes and vary them to suit our own themes.

As we are ONLY PLANNING today, there should be NO-ONE WITH A FINISHED LETTER. We expect this letter to be very detailed, full of information and use the skills that we have been practicing in all the other writing we have done on letters so far!

Use the S2S to check that your plan is perfect, this can be using notes, bullet points or purple pen to adapt and correct.

Really excited to see what your ideas are and how accurately you can summarise them for use this week!


LO: Hours, minutes and seconds


1. Complete PowerPoint questions

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice.

3. Self mark using answers at the end of the challenge sheet document.

4. If you would like to complete the extension sheet.




Top Tip

60 seconds in 1 minute

60 minutes in 1 hour

24 hours in 1 day


Additional maths challenge sheets can be found on the year 4 distance learning home page.


Email you class teacher with any questions



LO: Use vocabulary in complete sentences

Wednesday May 6th 2020

On Monday you read or listened to chapter 2, The Den, and thought about vocabulary you were unsure about. Based on the words submitted, we have chosen seven words, we would like you to put them into sentences.

  • plashing
  • ferociously
  • marinating
  • furrowed
  • illogical
  • foliage
  • devoured


If you have any additional words that you would like to put into sentences, please do. Make sure you understand the meaning of these words also. Using rich and varied vocabulary in your own writing, is a brilliant way to “up-level” your work. Katherine Rundell is very good at this!

Bonus Question!

On page 20 there is an interesting use of the word "marinating"! Can you explain why?