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Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are having a nice week.


Thank you to you all for putting so much hard work into the assessments over the past few days. I speak on behalf of the Year 6 teachers when I say that we are proud of how far you have come. We chose to repeat the 2019 papers that we did right at the start of the year to see all of the progress you have made. We are pleased that it seems so many of you are putting your all into these and can report your achievements proudly to us! The English part of the papers are done now and there is just the maths to complete. We will take the three scores that you give us and on Friday we will be able to give you a scaled score. Please do read the instructions carefully each day and I have included common mistakes we see regularly in the classroom, don’t fall into those traps! Good luck all 😊


As you know, yesterday was National Nurse’s day and we were really impressed by the quality of the different ways you were all thanking the NHS staff, particularly important at the current time. Below I have collated a range of different pieces of work sent to us. Let’s take time to celebrate each other’s work! Lots of children also verbally thanked nurses they know which will be equally as appreciated (Edie visited some nurses who live down her road and said thank you, Charlie rang up his mum's friend who is a nurse and said thank you). 


Just so you know, we are continuing to work hard, behind the scenes, to get you back to school as soon as possible (earliest after Half term) and we are working on ways to ensure your safety (this is obviously our biggest and most important job) and plan enjoyable lessons and activities to make your last half term fun and one to remember! We can't wait to see you soon. Keep doing what you're doing!


Miss Cartwright



A massive shout out too to Isla and her brother who made an excellent song to say thank you to the NHS workers, sadly it won't let me upload it to the website but yet again, more fantastic work! 
A special mention to Alex (6C) for a fantastic VE day report and Raphael (6K) who made the most amazing Cinderblock sculpture! Myself and Mr Kemp loved this so much and both would love one in our houses! Great work boys, both showing great ways of filling your days.
Lucy (6S) tried hard to persuade her dad to allow her and her sister more time on Animal Jam.... It worked :)