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Day 18: Wednesday 13th May 2020


Bonne journee bosse… French for happy hump day!


So last night we were a bit naughty and after both of us having had a busy work day we could not be bothered to cook. I had a craving for fish and chips ages ago which still hadn’t gone, so I managed to persuade Mr BR to order a takeaway! I fancied sausage and chips… so I had that with lots of vinegar, mushy peas and curry sauce (something I was introduced to by Mr BRs family, as they are from Manchester!!!) Mr BR had a chicken burger and chips! He then did some late-night watering as we forgot in the day, we've planted new things in the garden recently and we have a patch of grass seed we are trying to grow!


Today is one of my friends’ birthdays, Karen. Some of you may remember her she worked at GM for a while (Mrs Fountain). So I made her some cupcakes yesterday and will walk them over to her house this morning with a little pressie, leaving them on the door step as a surprise! May is a busy month for my friends and family, there seems to be at least one every week! Two of Mr BRs sisters, my sister, my MIL, about 4 friends, Lola’s was at the start and Bea’s is just after mine…. which area at the end in half term! That is a lot of cake baking and eating!!! Good excuse for me to keep practising my icing skills. For anyone with a birthday during lock-down, although its not the same as normal, it will definitely be one we won’t forget I’m sure!


Little baby bump update for you today… Baby BR is wriggling around a lot more now, I can feel funny little movements and I even saw my belly move the other night! Magical and mad all at the same time!! Whilst I sit here in the day and reply to your lovely emails the baby seems to be the most active (obviously they are excited to hear what you have been learning as much as me!)  but unfortunately, whenever I call Mr BR to come, by the time he gets here the baby stops! Never mind… I am sure it will not be long until I am feeling actual kicks more regularly!


I hope you enjoy the distance learning today, I have been very impressed with everyone so far this week. Sounds like you are all getting the hang of halving which is great. I have referred lots of you already for a head/deputy head award and I will now be starting to think about who is up for the Brilliant Book this week, such a hard task each week! So, keep up all the efforts and even if you do not receive anything this week, it doesn’t mean I am not noticing the hard work!


Mrs Brooke-Read x