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LO: To text-map the model text

In this lesson we are introducing a new model text! Our goal is to learn more about the structure of writing of a portal story. There is an incredible hook, the start of the portal story, written by Mr. White, and then the model text for our Year group (there’s a different one for each!) written by me, Miss Read.

The first thing you should do is read through it all yourself and check you can understand the words (using the glossary to check any tricky words) then follow the actions and icons in the video, before creating your own actions and icons for 3 other paragraphs.

Remember, keep your actions simple, any words already done can be copied! Your drawings should be simple and clear too and, just like the actions, don’t need to be done for every word.

Please send either a video or your icons to your teacher when you are finished! We are very excited for the rest of the week of story planning and writing…

Magical Mythenden Model text: Icons and Actions


LO: Analogue to digital time, 24 hour clock


1. Watch the video brought to you by Mr Romano

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice

3. Self mark using answers at the end of the document


Any questions email your class teacher.


Top Tip

The number line on the second slide is very important make sure you copy it out into your book/ piece of paper neatly as this will help you.

Learning Analogue to Digital time (24 Hour Clock!) with Mr Romano

Follow the video with Mr Romano to practice converting Analogue clocks to digital clocks and back using the 24 hour clock trick instead of writing AM and PM...

Wednesday 13th May 2020:

LO: Grammar Focus – identify, nouns, verbs and adjectives

Well done for submitting such amazing vocabulary, it’s fantastic that you are reading so carefully and really thinking about if, you really understand the text or not.

Today, we would like you to continue reading to the end of chapter 3. Think about and check vocabulary you are unsure of, as you read. We are doing a little grammar revision too!

Can you identify five of the following:

  • nouns – any person, place or thing, tree, spoon and mum are all nouns. (A proper noun can also be included here too. A proper noun is the name given to something to make it more specific, Manaus, Great Missenden, Friday and Fred are all examples. A proper noun always has a capital letter.)
  • adjectives – describe a noun e.g. The ferocious sun beat down on the thick foliage.
  • verbs - verbs can be used to describe an action e.g. The car zoomed past like a supersonic jet.

You can write them down, underline or discuss them aloud. It’s up to you!

French (optional)

Congratulations to all of you fabulous students who have been sending me in your brilliant work. I must mention 2 star students who have completed all of the tasks each week with a very high level of accuracy. These are Cara M and Dylan both in 4M.

Also a huge WELL DONE to Javier in 4G who sent in an outstanding video of himself doing the tongue twister I set last week. Such confident speaking and accurate pronunciation. 

Well done to all of you and remember, something is better than nothing! The work I set has no deadline and can be completed when you have time. I thoroughly enjoy receiving your emails. 

Finally, please, if you are sending in work, complete the 'Progress Cloud' so I can see what you have completed. Your work can be sent directly to me at:

Have a great week, play outside when you can, and I look forward to hearing from you all. 


Madame Hemsworth