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Wednesday- Mr Tang Takeover Day

Mr Tang Takeover Day!


Your Induction Day is next Wednesday, not today. I'll be setting and receiving your work today!

The sequence of lessons is as follows:


- When I Grow Up' activity. I'd love to make a video of your work for the website and on YouTube- ask your parents to say on the email if I can use the work

- Materials investigation- what are things made of?

- Maths Games


See the video below for my introduction! Hope you enjoy the day. Please send all emails to today, not on Tapestry.

Reception- Mr Tang Takeover Day

'When I Grow Up'- Reception activity

Materials investigation- Reception

Otto investigates... materials!

Otto shows Reception how to investigate materials with his special camera!

Maths Games


Here are a selection of my favourite Maths games to play online. Pick your favourite and practise your counting, adding, 2D shapes and use of money to buy things!