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LO: To plan a recount

  • Fill in the "box-up", adapting it to suit what you experienced.
  • Use bullet points or notes, this should be a quick task where you use your memory to note what happened as quickly and clearly as possible, ensuring that you don’t miss anything!
  • It is important that you consider how you were feeling, makes notes of emotions. Also, these can be just one or two words or a phrase (or a simile if you’re feeling fancy)! Try the quiz!

Follow the PowerPoint (depending on class) then fill the sheet as appropriate!



LO: Dividing one digit by 10


1. Open PowerPoint and complete feedback question and slides.

2. Start with VF challenge sheet (do both A and B questions).

3. Next, complete RPS challenge sheet

4. Self mark your work using answer sheet.


Challenge sheets:
D is H&S
E is MH
GD is AYN!


Lesson top tip!

On one of the slides you are going to come across a Gattegno Chart. This chart is split into Tens at the top and then going down, Ones, Tenths and Hundredths. We would recommend that you write one out on a piece of paper and use a counter to solve the question. When dividing you will be moving your counter down because your number is getting smaller. If you are multiplying you will move your counter up as it is getting bigger. Any questions do email your class teacher. 




Guided Reading

Wednesday 25th March 2020

LO: Answer questions using evidence from the text

Today we would like you to answer some questions from the "Heavenly Hot Cross Buns" recipe you read on Monday. All the instructions are on the worksheet. Please remember to write in complete sentences and use capital letters and full stops. Use the recipe carefully to answer the questions. You can mark them at the end!