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LO: To plan and use descriptive writing in a portal story

Today you will be planning and writing most of the remaining paragraphs for this section of the story and preparing for the rest of the week…

Following the document, look over the box-up. Next, use your imagination (and the questions provided) to fill your own box-up to meet the structure. Then convert your wonderful planning into the next 3 paragraphs of your story, ensuring that they meet the S2S.

These written up paragraphs should only be a first draft, but if you want to ensure they are detailed and meet the S2S as you go, this will mean less work for you for the rest of the week!

As we are working on this for the rest of the week, please do not feel the need to push yourself to complete all of the paragraphs today, remember, you have already completed 1 and 2, so make sure you have a good plan for the other paragraphs and focus on finishing paragraph 3 today, minimum.

Really excited to read your ideas, and see how they develop and evolve across this week!


LO: Quadrilaterals


1. Watch the video below, brought to you by Miss Read

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice

3. Self mark using the answers at the end of the document


Any questions, email your class teacher.

Miss Read apologises for the typos and terrible drawing- they can't see what they're drawing on the PowerPoint!

Guided Reading:

Wednesday 20th of May 2020

LO: Classify books into genres & design a book cover

Today's Guided Reading has an artistic slant!! We shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but it's so often the cover that draws our attention to the books we read.


Think about the types of different books you read and what category they might fit into! Fill out the attached cards and see if you can think of a definition and book that fits into each category or genre.


Part 2:

Now that you have guessed the genre of the books, imagine that you are an illustrator and you have been asked to design the front cover for ­the Explorer. 

First of all, make a list of five criteria for a good front cover!


1. Striking colours





Make sure that you refer to the success criteria above when you create your cover. Have fun with this!! We will be excited to publish your creations J!


French (optional) 

Year 4 French - Summer Term Week 5

Week commencing 18th May 2020

Remote Learning


Wow, another week or remote learning under our belts! Our last week before the Summer half term and a well-deserved rest. You have 'blown me away' once again with all your wonderful work. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your emails, receiving pictures, videos and, of course, your 'progress clouds'. 


I hope that you enjoyed last week's PowerPoint. My cats certainly enjoyed having their pictures taken. Believe it or not, they are actually French. They were rescued from the north of France and we adopted them. I like to think that they are now fully bilingual. 


This week, I have something a little different for you to try...baking! I have attached the recipe of a favourite desert made by French children. It is called a yoghurt cake because it uses yoghurt as one of the ingredients. You then use the yoghurt pot to measure out the other ingredients. Have a go if you can (and if you can get the ingredients). Please send me pictures of your cakes and I will display them on the French celebration page next week. Links to the recipe and a video showing you how to make it are at the bottom of this page.


Finally, if you haven't managed to do any of the activities set each week, and you have some spare time this week or over half term, have a go and send me your work. It really doesn't matter if it's from 3 weeks ago. Have a great week, stay positive, keep smiling and always be kind to one another. 


Missing you all lots.


Madame Hemsworth


Yoghurt Cake

Ingredients: One small pot of natural yoghurt (Then use the pot to measure the other ingredients) 2 pots caster sugar 3 eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 pots pla...