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Week of 4th May


Thandie's Letter from Dave Punzel...


Magnificent Tower, 

Castle Wigmore, 

Unknown Lane, 

Upper Wigmore Village,

 Fantasy Town, 


HP10 4TW


Dear Superwoman,


Hello superwoman, I am trapped in a tall, gloomy tower, with no one to save me.  Maleficent put me here because she is a wicked old  lady and very ugly indeed.  She knew that I was going to rescue my sister, Rapunzel.  I am cold, lonely and scared and I really must get out.   


Please can you rescue me, the castle is in Upper Wigmore Village.    You cannot miss it because it is so amazingly huge.  You will see three towers protruding from the castle and I am in the tallest one.  To get to me, you will have to fly, there is no other way as there are no stairs or doors to the top of the tower, only a window.  I can open the window and climb out and wait for you.  If you are not able to carry me, you may need to bring me a parachute.  


Maleficent has said she will throw me from the tower in 2 days, I am petrified.  Please, please Superwoman can you come and rescue me before the clock strikes midnight on Thursday 7 May.  


If you rescue me, I will be able to rescue my sister.  I would be hugely grateful


Yours sincerely 

Dave Punzel


Miranda's Letter from Dave!!


The Lockbase Tower

Magic prison

Magic Missenden

5 of May



Dear Daddy Bear,

I am writing to you for desperate help. As you might have heard I have been accused of stealing the mighty magic diamond. I am now at the Magic Prison in the highest and most secure tower, Lockbase Tower.

I’ve got a plan to escape. Can I trust you to help? Here’s the plan.


First sneak into the prison at 11 o’clock at the full moon, be very cautious of the guards. Secondly, Find my tower, and the guards will see you, but you can do your favourite thing, ATTACK!!! Next throw a rope with a big hook at the end to the top point of the tower. I will climb down and then we run.


I’m trusting you, don’t let me down. Your reward will be 200 pocots.

I hope to see you in a few days.


Your old pal,

Dave xxxooo



Daryl's Letter - Wow did Little Red have an adventure!!


Grandma Hood
 Woodow House
 Magical Missenden


 Hello Grandma, how are you?

You’ll never guess what happened to me in the forest? I was on my way delivering cookies to the old witch, and as I crossed the old wobbley stone bridge I heard the voice of a weird, croaky creature. It said “I can’t catch a single fish from the river”, and because I am a curious person, of course I went to look. To my horror it was a troll. Not just any troll, but a gruesome gray rocks troll.
He turned, saw me, and quickly dashed toward me. He knocked me out and sometime later I awoke to find myself tied to a spit above a campfire. Thankfully he barely tied me to the stick and I was able to escape. I found my basket but the cookies were gone. I am so happy that I lived to tell this tale.

Have you ever seen any strange creatures by that bridge before?

I love you, bye for now,



Olivia's Weather Report!

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Dylan's Weather Report - Manaus Brazil

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Benji & Amelie - Weather Report

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