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Week of May 11th

Metaphor Poetry:


Sylveon the Pokeman is;

A cute little bunny

A field of pink roses smelling of spring

A fluffy bow as she is covered in them

A lovey-dovey little fairy

A pink fluffy cutie

A 5 year old princess

A frilly dress with blooming flowers

A strawberry full of sweetness

By Tilly



Golg is:

His fearsome giant warg,

A rusty, broken axe that dominates in its path.

The Ruins, oh the ruins, he is the rustic ruins.

And last but definitely, definitely not least, his orcish brute of a friend being savagely eaten!

By Miles



Podkin is

An adventurer with many legends to be told

The fertile rainforest full of life

Dangerous if needed, a sharp and piercing knife

Brown as mud, dark and bold

The lucky number 7, escaping death several times,

A prickly pineapple, hard on the outside, soft on the in,

A runner, fast and sprightly, always going to win

A poison berry, protecting its valuables from crimes

A lazy mood, not listening in a lesson,

A mysterious mist giving a magical and weird impression

A speedy motorbike, fast and solitary when viewed

A chewy sugary sweet that makes hyper children play

A warm coat on a winter’s day,

An exciting English lesson, to be continued…

By Theo





Some more wonderful letters !!


A  Historic Letter from Miles...




The Tuileries Palace,



Dear Mr Bonaparte,

You have my heartiest congratulations on proceeding in your victories, I hope you carry on your greatness.

Sadly, I have had the bad luck, my people have been facing a few major avalanches, so my guild of scientists are working on extra waterproof and warm coats, AND the Ottomans just declared war on me. I new they would finally do it.

Do you have any advice in the Russo-Turkan war? Please can we form a military alliance? I would ask much more, but I am in such a rush.

I am looking forward to your reply, exception of my gift,

Tzar Nicholas the great.



Theo's Letter inspired by the Hobbit!

Bag End Smial

Bagshot Row





Dear Gandalf

How are you my old friend? I hope you are well. I’ve been missing you. Would you come round to tea and set off some of those magnificent fireworks in Hobbiton again please? It’s my birthday in a few days time.

I am doing well. I am starting to ldfswrite the adventure of the dwarves, the wizard and the hobbit/burglar. Do you recognise it? I’m calling it the Hobbit. It’s quite hard work but it helps me relax and get away from the noise of Hobbiton.  

My favourite bit so far is the chapter I’ve called Roast Mutton when you save us from the trolls. I thought that was so exiting and it’s just a taster of what journeys we had!

Have you seen my grandson Frodo Baggins? He’s very charming and kind but not like me as a child because he so adventurous. I was taught to be normal but I think it’s better to have adventures than being like everyone else!

It is my birthday on 22 September which is in 19 days time. Gandalf, please could you come? It would be extremely enjoyable with you there. Please could you bring some of your amazing fireworks? You used to do them for old Took and I heard they were as bright as the end of your staff when we were in a pitch black cavern. If you do bring your fireworks, this is how I would like you to set them off. First, you should gather everyone around. Next, you should leave me to my speech. Then you should do an amazing magic trick and finally please set of your best firework and watch as they clap!  

Do you know how the now ten dwarves are doing without their leader Thorin Oakenshield and their friend’s Fili and Kili? I bet Bombur is eating a tonne! How is your cousin Radagast and his rabbits? I miss the sweet smell of adventure…          

Talking about adventure, I am keeping the ring safe so “no one can takes its” as Smeagol once said. Although I am a tiny bit worried because things keep coming to my head. I think the ring is talking to me! Do you know anything about this Gandalf? Do you have any advice? I really don’t want to end up like Sméagol!  

Your loyal burglar friend,

From Bilbo Baggins                                                                                                                                    

Some more work to celebrate and some general pictures!