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Welcome to our Wellbeing page!


In these unusual times it is important that we continue to take care of our physical, emotional and mental health. Please take some time out of your Distance learning day to reflect on these things and ensure that you stay healthy and positive in self-isolation or when working!

Below is a collection of resources to help you address your needs, in the moment, day to day. These short, easy to do activities come in so many shapes and sizes, you should be able to find something different for every day.


For example, I really miss the mindfulness breathing we do at lunchtimes- look no further than the Mindfulness page to continue using these brilliant ideas!


I’m feeling restless and worn out. Have you slept well? Are you eating and exercising? Check out our Self-care page to trouble shoot your problems and create a healthy living space for yourself.


Hit a wall with some work? Suffering from brain fog, distraction, confusion or getting frustrated? We’ve been cooped up for a while! A great way to re-boot your brain is to take a Brain break to get you back into the swing of things!


Our Hobbies page is full of good ideas for nurturing your inner talents and trying new skills! Keep yourself motivated by allocating time to things you enjoy and training your body to relax whilst doing new things.


It’s recommended that we spend at least 10 minutes on mindfulness a day, 120 minutes outside, enjoying wildlife per week, and also at least 20 minutes per day doing something just for yourself! All of these things combined should take up at least 40 minutes of your day; relaxing productively to grow yourself and your health, so please, use whatever resources you feel are appropriate to keep yourself fit, happy and healthy!


Weekly challenges:

Here there will be a weekly Wellbeing challenge, should you choose to accept it!

Pictures of your achievements, of these challenges, brilliant brain breaks or awesome mindfulness, would be gladly welcomed and can be forwarded to

Week 1-

Work in a different room in the house to where you usually would, every day!

Have you every tried working in the garden, on the sofa, or up in your siblings’ stinky bedroom?! Now is your chance! Where was it that you feel you worked the best?

GOLD STAR goes to Niko Townley in 5W (and their dog Mango!) for their brilliant brain breaks and taking on the first challenge in style, in the sunshine- Well done!

Week 2- 

Dress as though you are doing something else for the day.

Since you’re all busy doing your Distance learning, I imagine most of you are in your comfiest clothes (those are different for everyone- mine are pyjamas). Challenge yourself to, whilst you’re doing Maths, wear a leotard as though you were doing gymnastics! Or maybe, during PE, wear your smartest suit and shoes…You could even challenge yourself to wear your school uniform! Maybe a swimming costume to practice Music? Your super-hero costume during Science?! The possibilities are endless!


Think about which outfit made you feel most productive, focused and ready for the task you were doing- you may be surprised!

Week 3-

Decorate your space with amazing Mindfulness colouring pages of inspirational quotes. Turn up your favourite music, pick up your favourite colours and equipment and get to making your own unique posters to help remind you of how awesome you are! Mine is up in a frame in my conservatory and has been for several years!

Take your time to get it looking exactly how you want it.