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Caterpillar Diary


This week ( I think Tuesday ) my little caterpillars will be delivered and we will start the wonderful process of watching them change into butterflies. If we were in school we would be keeping a diary about what is happening, as I will be uploading videos and pictures daily of them then I think it is still possible for the children to keep a caterpillar diary. 


Now the children can either use the one I have attached or they can create their own. Today I would like them to complete two pages- the front page and page one which is about creating a habitat. I have uploaded pictures of the two pages. 

The caterpillars have arrived this morning. Two pots filled with 5 caterpillars in each and all the nutritious food and moisture they will need for the next couple of weeks. 

They need to be kept in a warm temperature of about 24c so I will be keeping them inside our lounge which gets very warm. At night time it suggests that we wrap a blanket around the cups to keep them warm. They need to be kept nice and still for the first couple of days as they are a little car sick from the journey. Eating and growing is what caterpillars do best so I will keep a close eye on them. 


I really look forward to seeing these fill up with lots of amazing writing!!