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Year 1

Welcome Year 1 Distance Learning

Email work to: Mrs Brooke-Read:


Dear Year 1 Children and Parents,


In this section of the website, you will find a range of tasks and activities that give you the opportunity to continue your learning away from school. We will also provide links to useful websites that can be used as an additional learning tool for children and parents. We will try our best to provide activities which are practical, interactive and easy to follow.


The lessons/tasks will include:

English, Maths, Phonics, Spelling, PSHE, Topic and a selection of other curriculum areas throughout the week.


Reading expectations are that you are sharing as many books and stories as you can and where possible accessing books and texts that the children can read themselves. We will include reading comprehension tasks within the English lessons/activities too.


Once you have completed a task - please email the work to the temporary email address above, in the form of either a photo, a word document or another appropriate alternative. In the case of practical activities, a short summary of how the children did, what they understood or found challenging would be fantastic, but not essential. It is important that you complete the given tasks because we will not get this invaluable learning time back so please do your best to support your children with this. 


Most importantly, we care greatly about your health and well-being so please feel free to send us exciting, positive news or updates about your time away from school, not always to do with learning! We will do the same. Also take this time to share experiences with your family and do things like puzzles, board games, cooking, gardening and teaching life skills like tying shoe laces and telling the time etc.


We will miss you all, stay safe and hope to see you soon!

Mrs Brooke-Read x


 Monday 29th June 2020: Our next chapter of 'Lockdown' is here! Most of the Y1 children are back in school now for the last three weeks of term. Here is a picture of us all hard at work with our three way zoom set up!! I am still doing the live teaching on Zoom but I need to give a massive shout out and thank you to Mrs H & Miss Crick for supporting in each of the classroom bubbles. Also, thanks to all the parents continuing distance learning at home! You are doing an amazing job - keep it up!! #INITTOGETHER #TEAM1BR


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