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Year 6

Good morning to the new Year 6 cohort!


We hope you are well and looking forward to the summer holidays. We are sorry that we can’t have a normal induction day with you all but we hope you enjoy the activities we have set out for you today.

Hopefully, we will have a much more settled year next year and do all of the fun and interesting things we have planned, we have outlined these on the PowerPoint and are currently planning new things too in line with our new topics. Year 6 really is the best year and we want to make sure that you have a great final year at primary school. You do have to work hard throughout the year but by the end of the year, the rewards are great. We are sure so many of your hard working and mature attitudes will serve you well for the year ahead.


Hopefully you enjoy completing the tasks today and finding out some more about your new teacher. Today, when you send your work in to your new teacher, please include the following;

  1. The lie you think your class teacher has told within their paragraphs about themselves
  2. An idea or two to answer the two questions on slide 8
  3. The English task
  4. The art task- this task is on a separate presentation but all of the instructions are on there
  5. Any questions you want to ask your new class teacher, whether it be about next year or anything else 😊
  6. Why not share something interesting with your new class teacher about yourself so we know have a greater understanding of you. It might be about what your hobbies are, an unusual talent you have or you might have a famous grandparent!

We will be manning emails from 9:00 until 3:30 today so please try to send through your work between these times and we will get back to you; sending feedback and answering any of the questions that you may have. If you are struggling with anything please don’t worry, these activities are just a bit of fun and we’re hoping to make some displays out of them for when you come in in September 😊 Ask for help if you need it and we will be happy to support. Feel free to ask us anything you wish or tell us stuff about you.


Have a fab day, an excellent summer holiday and we look forward to you being the new Year 6 cohort next year.


Miss Cartwright, Mr Kemp and Mrs Barlow

The new 6C please email your work to


The new 6K please email your work to


The new 6B please email your work to