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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 French page. Here both students and parents will be able to see the Learning Objectives for the term and find an array of resources to enhance learning.


Autumn Term 2021 : Moi Dans Le Monde (Me in the world)

We should understand that we all have different faiths, traditions ,celebrations and sometimes different languages. We share our planet, so we should learn to respect and celebrate both our similarities and differences whilst always caring for our environment.’


By the end of this French unit, you should be able to say:

  • I know about the many countries in the Francophone world.

I know that there are many countries that have French as their official language and can name at least four of them in French (apart from France).

  • I can locate some of these on a map of the world.
  • I know about different festivals (religious and non-religious) around the world. I can name and mention a few key facts in French on at least two celebrations in French speaking countries.
  • I know that we can all help to protect our planet. I can tell you at least two things that I am going to do to help protect our planet.
  • I know that there are 2 different ways to say ‘in’ in French. I know how to use “à” (when talking about living IN a city) and “en/au/aux” (when talking about living IN a country).


At the end of every French lesson, students will be given a small piece of paper to take home. This will contain all the key language/vocabulary covered in that lesson. Please, if you can, go through the new vocabulary and encourage them to practice it. When learning a new language, it is very important to re-visit new words regularly. The Year 6 teachers will also be reminding the classes of the new vocabulary throughout the week. The focus should be on the spoken word.


If your child enjoys playing computer games, we have subscribed to the Language Angels homeschool site. This allows access to a fabulous resource where everyone can re-cap on new language by playing games and listening to songs. I will go through how to access this with each class next week but in the meantime, here is the link:

Login: Greatm4005

password: lahome (all lower case)

We are working in the third column (Super Challenge Level) , Unit 2: Moi Dans Le Monde (Me In The World)