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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Mr Showan (6S) and Miss Cartwright (6C)


What a fun year Year 6 is. It is very busy and action packed but also very rewarding. We have exciting topics, theme days and lessons. We continue to be independent learners and use our growth mindset every day to learn from mistakes. We set an example to the rest of the school and have increased responsibilities. We look forward to seeing what the year has to offer and we want the children to have the best year before they transition to up secondary school.

Here are the two Year 6 classes dressed up for Dahlicious Day!

Topics covered during the year are:

Autumn 1- Vikings

Autumn 2- Remembrance, WW1 and suffragettes

Spring 1- Henry V

Spring 2- Adult thinking 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Important Information and Key Dates


  • Google Internet Legends are coming in to school to do online safety assemblies for lower key stage 2 and upper key stage 2 on Tuesday 27th November.
  • Year 6's last swimming lesson is on Thursday 29th November.
  • Year 6 will be taking part in Enterprise weeks 3rd and 10th of December. The children will be working in groups to create things to sell at their market. They will be holding their Christmas market on Friday 14th December. We would really appreciate donations of wool.
  • The NSPCC are coming in to school to do an assembly to the school and then a workshop with  the two Year 6 classes on Wednesday 5th December. 
  • Christmas jumper day is on Tuesday 18th December.
  • We break up for Christmas on Wednesday 19th December at 2:15 and return on Thursday 3rd January. Have a lovely and relaxing Christmas break!

In Year 6, we would like the children to be reading everyday for minimum of 10 minutes. They are required to record at least 5 of their reading sessions in their reading record a week (this must cover 5 separate dates). 


Across the school, but particularly in Year 6, there is a comprehension focus on children's reading. On occasion, please read with your children and question them on what they have read and understood about their book. 


Reading records will be collected and checked each week on Tuesdays.

Our Year 6 Learning Journey

World War One - Women's Rights Movement

To start the part of our topic focused on the Women's Rights Movement, we explored what life was like for Victorian women before the Women's Rights Movement began.  We looked at sources describing women in the Victorian era, and investigated what it was like to wear a Crinoline skirt for an hour over lunch time.

The review was that it was impractical, difficult to move in, impossible to run in, and generally a pain to wear!  Needless to say, it did not survive lunch time.


Remembrance Week

For our World War One Remembrance Topic, we had a week full of activities to think about the importance of Remembrance to link with our topic.  Our activities included:

  • 6S Class Assembly on Remembrance, telling the story of the armistice in 1918
  • Visit from Quantum Theatre, who performed their performance of Your Country Needs You, an amazing two person production focussed on the start of World War One and "Pals Battalions"      (A big thank you to the PTA, who supported us with this visit)
  • Visit from Colin Doyle from the Royal British Legion, where the children learnt more about the Royal British Legion's work, and made their own poppies.
  • The whole Year attended a reflective service at the Church, were they shared their own poetry and took part in a minute silence of remembrance.

We are really proud of all the Year 6s for their work during this week and their reflections and thoughts on this important topic.

Life in the Trenches

To better understand the emotions of what it must have been like to be in the trenches, we created a trench in the class using tables, and read excerpts from Wilfred Owen's Dulce Et Decorum Est while we we crawled through, listening to a soundtrack of World War sounds.  

We really experienced what it must have been like in the trenches, and created a word carpet of ideas, thoughts and feelings to help us with our War Poetry.

Viking Day


On 31st October Year 6 celebrated a Viking day to finish off our Autumn 1 topic of the Vikings. This topic led on well from our Year 5 Summer topic of the Anglo Saxons. We all came to school dressed up in our best Viking attire and our day was filled with lots of fun and creative activities. We played raid and loot the monastery, we cooked Viking bread and flapjacks (that were then served at the exhibition), we learnt how to cross stitch using Binka and we created Viking dances. At the end of the day our parents and siblings came to see all of the fantastic work we have created during the term, from clay heads to newspaper reports, from creating Gods and Godesses to making longship adverts. Not only did we have a busy and fun Viking day but an excellent first half term! See some of the photos from Viking day below. 

Today we programmed LEGO robots in Year 6!

Growth Mindset - Challenge for All - OFSTED Outstanding since 2006


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